Handling Small Claims Court

High Court of Australia, Canberra
Small Claims Court is unfortunately a place that most landlords end up in at least once in their career. The key to winning your court case, other than being in the right, is having the evidence to back up your position.

No matter what the situation or why you?re in small claims court you?ll have to prepare for your appearance by bringing all the evidence you have. Don?t sell yourself short by relying on paperwork alone, but go the extra step if you can and bring photographs, letters from others involved, contracts that support your position and eyewitnesses if you have any.

Try to back up every bit of your case with evidence and make sure the evidence you?re presenting really supports your position. Be organized, thorough and make sure your argument is well thought out and supported.

If you?re going to small claims court for a matter unrelated to your property the rules are the same. You?ll fare better if you?re well prepared and have thought out the case from every aspect. There really is no need to get an attorney involved in a small claims case unless you feel you?d be better off with some professional advice, but don?t bring the attorney along, you are expected to handle a small claims case by yourself.

Creative Commons License photo credit:?Wilson Afonso