Types of Property Management Jobs

If you think the property management field might be one you?re interested in joining it may help you to examine the three different types of property management and see which one fits your skill set best. The three areas of property managers are leasing, administration and management.


Property managers who specialize in leasings are responsible for getting people into the landlord?s units. They have to be good sales people but also have to be able to read people and know if someone is going to be a good tenant or not. Knowing the highlights and lowlights of a property is essential as is being able and willing to perform background checks on every single applicant. Property managers who specialize in leasing will also have to keep meticulous records.


Property Managers who specialize in administration focus on keeping records. They handle rent payments, late notices, court actions, evictions, collection notices and actions, tenant complaints and a whole list of other activities that focus on accounting and legal actions. They may also be responsible for handling property bills and other bookkeeping activities.


Although all property managers have something to do with management, but some of them focus specifically on the property itself, many of them live onsite or have specific office hours onsite. In addition to handling paperwork, tenant applicants, tenant disputes, small maintenance activities, routine actions, and court appearances. They?re sort of the catch all for issues and if they don?t handle it they are responsible for dolling out the duties to others.