Renting Tool at

There is a great new tool online that can help renters and landlords alike. stays on top of rental market trends and gives you accurate data about the rental market both in your neighborhood and across the country.

Neighborhoods are quickly compared on a variety of levels so people relocating can instantly get a better feel for the area. Enter your criteria and you?ll suddenly have a list of places that are available. For renters this can save hours and better prepare you with information on the neighborhoods.

For landlords the analysis helps monitor rental trends in their neighborhoods which can help with setting rent rates. This information is provided instantly so no more scouring the newspapers and calling for rates and amenities is necessary.

For people interested in investing in real estate, especially multiple family units, Zilpy is very helpful as it gives you information on what the units are renting for and therefore you can estate your gross income. You will also see what the trends in the area are and if the property you?re looking at is comparable.

With information like this so readily available it will be easier for everyone involved with apartments to comparison shop and gather more detailed statistics for their research.