Property Management Tips for the Cold Winter Months

Most property managers find their job to be easier and more enjoyable when the weather is warm and the grounds are clear. Unfortunately for them, there are parts of the world where the winter months get cold, snowy, and icy. Here are three property management tips for the cold winter months:

1. Furnace check and prep. Before the first cold night arrives, make sure the furnace is working properly in each of your properties. It is better to find out about a problem before winter hits than to have your tenant make you aware once it arrives.

2. Snow removal. Do you have properties in areas where it snows in the winter? If so, you need to realize that snow removal is very important. All common areas should be kept clear. Tip: you may be able to ?hire? a tenant to take care of this for you.

3. Watch the ice. The last thing you need is a tenant slipping on your property because of an icy buildup. If this happens they may attempt to bring forth a lawsuit. Just as you need to remove snow, you should deal with any ice at the same time. Buy yourself a few bags of salt before winter hits and you should be set.

During the cold winter months keep the above tips in mind!