Dividing Property in a Breakup

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If you and your non marital partner have decided to go your separate ways there are a lot of issues to consider, the good news is that it should be easier because you are not legally bound by marriage.

If you own property together there are several different ways in which that can be divided. If only one of you has their name on the deed or title then the property is legally theirs, but the other party may have some legal right to it as they have probably contributed to the expenses of maintenance and any upgrades. These disputes can be handled in a court, through arbitration or through your own agreements if you can amicably come to an agreement.

If the two of you owned the property together then it can get more complicated. You can just come to an agreement on your own between the two of you and one can file a quit claim deed which gives the other entire possession of the real estate. But if it’s not that easy then you may need to again see arbitration or a legal judgment that will determine how to divide the property. If both sides have a considerable amount invested in real estate it’s not uncommon to have to sell the property so both parties get their fair share.?Creative Commons License photo credit:?alancleaver_2000