4 Ways to Keep Your Tenants Happy

Keeping tenants is much more profitable than finding new tenants so the key to being a prosperous landlord who doesn’t have added troubles and work is to keep your tenants happy. The following four tips can help you keep your tenants in your property and insure everyone’s happiness.

Business Attitude

Treat your tenants with professional respect. Don’t gossip with tenants or become their buddy but treat them with respect, a polite demeanor and take them seriously. Let them know that you will listen to their complaints in an even and fair manner and treat no one with favoritism.

Be Available

Whether it’s you, a manager, or a property management company, someone always needs to be available to deal with tenant issues. Some of these issues will be emergencies and others can be handled later, but no matter what your tenant will want to be heard. Taking initiative and routinely contacting your tenants through a phone call, email, letter, or in person will go even further to let them know they matter.

Safety First

Always put your tenants’ safety first and don’t be afraid to let them know this. Let them know when safety related repairs are being made or if you’re taking steps to prevent break ins and theft.

Additional Conveniences

Whenever possible, give your tenants those little extras. Bus tickets, group discounts, a picnic table, new landscaping or any little thing that you can provide that will be appreciated by most of your tenants. If they feel respected and like you care they’re more likely to treat you with respect and hold up their end of the agreement.