What’s Needed on an Application Form for Tenants?

If you are responsible for choosing tenants for a rental property either as part of your work or for your own investment property, it’s a good idea to have an application form ready for potential tenants to fill in. One or two pages is usually enough, but there are several pieces of information which are particularly important to include. Try to ask for all or most of the following on your tenant application form:

  • All the basic details – name, date of birth, current address and telephone number.
  • Current workplace and how long they have worked there, plus the name and contact details for a workplace referee.
  • Salary details and, if applicable, information on other income that the tenant receives.
  • How long they have lived at their current address, and the contact details for their current landlord if applicable; if not, details of a previous landlord are also useful to have.
  • Information about whether the potential tenants have children or pets.

It is important to conduct the tenancy application procedure fairly, and by giving each potential tenant the same application form to fill in, you can easily show that you are asking everybody for the same information – that’s much easier to do in a tenancy application form than by interviewing them or just having a chat.