10 Things to Remember When Staging a Home

1. Listen to your realtor’s advice on staging your home if you are not going to have it professionally staged.

2. If your realtor refers you to a home staging service, ask them for customer references and pictures of representative homes they have staged.

3. Make sure the outside of your home is as inviting as the inside of your home, even if it means hiring a gardening service to do a touch-up. Some people even paint their grass green!

4. Hide those ceramic elves and baby animal statuary in your garden. Not everyone is charmed by them.

5. If you have steps going up to your home, make sure they do not creak. Stair handrails should feel solid.

6. Buyers like to “kick the tires” when they visit a home. If they grab loose doornobs, pull at dangling curtain rods, and try to open painted over window sashes, at the least they will perceive you haven’t taken care of the easy fixes to stage your home for sale. At worst, they will go away thinking that your home may have even more serious problems.

7. If you do not want to professionally stage your home, hire a cleaning service to give your home a good cleaning to freshen things up.

8. Holes in your walls from pictures? You will want to get them filled in and repainted if possible.

9. Make sure there are light bulbs in all of the light fixtures. Turning on a light that doesn’t work is, if you will pardon the pun, a turn-off.

10. If you have already vacated your home and your kitchen appliances are old and grimy, think about getting rid of them before you show the home. A buyer may plan to remodel and replace them anyway. Ditto for the washer and dryer.