Living Room Makeover Ideas To Update Your Home

Peggy's Zen living room makeover, Seattle, Washington, USA
Creative Commons License photo credit: Wonderlane

Your living room is at the heart of your life. It is more than just a base, it is a sanctuary for your personal life and relationships and is the first room that your guests will see upon entering your home. When you unlock your front door at the end of a busy day, you want to feel welcomed by the atmosphere of your awaiting living room. There are simple and affordable ways to turn your living room into a warm and inviting room inwhich to relax as well as a place to be proud to entertain your guests.

Painting your living room is a good first step to begin the makeover process. Keep in mind however that the color of paint you choose will set the mood of the area. Try to avoid using harsh or bright shades of white as this will make your living room look much like an institution. Instead, try using warmer shades that are calming and pleasing to the eye. Always paint your ceiling one shade lighter than the color your have painted your walls. This will create the illusion of an even bigger room as well as make your ceilings look higher.

When arranging the furniture in your living room, use furniture sparingly and try not to overcrowd your space. Try arranging the furniture to create conversational areas by seperating the sofa and love seat with chairs next to them. Add slipcovers to your existing furniture. This will give your furniture a whole new look and you will avoid having to purchase new items.

Do not throw out your old curtains. Simply replace your old tieback curtains with those from another room or purchase a new valance to spruce up your existing ones. This simple switch can alter the look of your window treatments and give your room a refreshing change.

Making over your living room can be fun and affordable, just keep in mind that nothing is permanent and you have the option to change your mind and redo things until it is suitable to you.