Top Rated San Francisco Schools

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If you are considering moving into any area, checking out the local schools seems to be one of the most influential factors when choosing what town to move to. Parents or parents to be want the best in education for their children. A better school system also demonstrates a better local environment, meaning the crime rate is generally lower than areas with schools that are not so good. If you are considering a move into San Francisco, California, there are several top rated schools in the area that will provide a leading education to your children.

There are five schools in the area that demonstrate a ten out of ten rating. The schools are Alice Fong Yu Elementary School, Claire Lilienthal Elementary School, Clarendon Alternative Elementary School, Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School, and Lowell High School.

Alice Fong Yu Elementary School serves grades K – 8 in the San Francisco area. This school shows an API test average of 951 out of 1000 amongst all student body. This has been ranked as being the top ten percent of schools throughout California. Parents have also expressed how they love the education that teachers at this school continue to provide for their children.

Claire Lilienthal Elementary School has an average API school of 911 out of 1000 for the 2009 school year. This school has teachers who have each taught for an average of twelve years with full credentials, providing a student teacher ratio of twenty eight students per teacher.

Clarendon Alternative Elementary School has an average API test score of 950 out of 1000 amongst all students. Parents have also ranked this school 5 out of 5 stars in the terms of educational and extracurricular experiences for their children.

Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School has an average score of 920 out of 1000 for the API tests, amongst all students. This school has also been ranked top ten percent out of schools statewide as well as similar schools.

Lowell High School contains a student to teacher ratio of 23 students per teacher. The average length of teaching for teachers at this school is around sixteen years. Among these teachers, fourteen years have been spent on average in this specific school.