Updating Your Bathroom Before Selling Your Home

Your bathroom can be a deciding factor when it comes to selling your home. To keep your home in sellable condition it is worth the time in money to keep your bathroom looking modern and make those necessary renovations. Even though the bathroom is not the focal point of the home, it can make the home look dated and can affect the overall appeal. The bathroom can become the most neglected room in the home when it comes to remodeling. Most people use the majority of their remodel budget on big ticket rooms like the living room and kitchen. The bathroom should be remolded in similar style to the rest of the house.
When considering a bathroom remodel, you need to focus on the positive effects that is will have on the value of your home. Some things to concentrate on are the luxuries that a bathroom can provide. Think beyond the shower and tub, toilet, and sink. Modern bathrooms now boast whirlpool tubs, custom bathroom mirrors, and a variety of sinks and countertops can make your home the star of the block.
Update the cabinets with a fresh coat of paint and new cabinet pulls can transform a bathroom in no time. Rather than replace the floor an option can be to paint the vinyl flooring. Tile accents around the tub can also make your bathroom pop. Make sure that the faucets are stylish and modern. Update towel racks and toilet paper hardware. Updating the lighting is easy to install by using the existing wiring. The main feature that home buyers look for in a bathroom is the lighting. A stylish and well thought out bathroom can make your home stand out from the competition. The trend in bathroom remodels today is to make the space more relaxing as if you are in your very own private spa.
Don’t forget the accessories. Simply by adding some color coordinated plush towels and designer soaps you can immediately catch the eye of prospective buyers. Find some nice pieces of artwork or photographs to hang on the wall. Window treatments and a shower curtain can also help to pull the room together.