Pros and Cons of Adding a Stone Patio to Your Home

a quiet spot in the garden
Creative Commons License photo credit: Robert S. Donovan

Stone patios can bring beauty and charm to the outdoors. These stones will also help to elevate value to the home as well as bump up the curb appeal of the home. There are numerous varieties of stones that homeowners can choose from while creating the patio. Flagstone, concrete, brick and natural stones are among some of the more popular choices when it comes to patio flooring.

Benefits of installing a stone patio floor is abundant. Stones make rich, charming, permanent patio floors that are durable and can withstand the outdoor elements for many years. It can efficiently adapt to any type of outdoor decor used in the patio area and can even help to enhance the look. Stone patios are almost maintenance free. The maintenance needed to keep the patio beautiful will depend greatly on the type of stone used for the patio.

One con for using stone for creating a patio is the price. Natural stones cost quite a bit more than other forms of patio flooring and the price for laborers will synchronize with that. The mass of natural stone is something that should be considered if the homeowner is planning to attempt the installation of the patio floors themselves. These stones are quite a bit heaver than other patio flooring materials and are sometimes difficult to maneuver into the correct position.

Patio stones can be sealed to help to enrich the natural beauty of the stones. However, the downside of sealant is that sun and rain will cause it to wear away quickly. When the sealant wears off the stones it doesn’t do it in an uniform manner, it wears off in spots. This creates dirty looking stones thrown in with a mix of beautifully shiny ones. Stone patio flooring is also not a very forgiving type of material when used for patios. If it is not installed correctly it can create an uneven patio and furniture will not work well to use on it.