Pros and Cons of Adding a Built In Outdoor Bar-B-Que to Your Home

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Plutor

One thing that can really make a nice backyard improvement for your home is an outdoor Bar-B-Que. Not to be confused with a simple grill an outdoor Bar-B-Que is full service outdoor kitchen that many spend thousands on designing. Outdoor Bar-B-Ques have been a stereotypical site in Europe for years and lately the craze is picking up steam across the US in cooler climates. When choosing the features of your on outdoor Bar-B-Que it?s important to carefully consider all of the Pros and Cons of adding a built in outdoor bar-b-que to your home.

One of the first major choices you?ll have to make is the type of grill you?ll install in your outdoor bar-b-que. There are many types of grills to choose from with the most common being gas, electric, charcoal and wood. Each has its very own set of pros and cons from fuel cost to how environmentally friendly they can be. This choice should be carefully considered as the entire outdoor bar-b-que is centered on the grill.

The next major decision to make is what kind of extras you?ll want to install in the outdoor bar-b-que. Some people add refrigerators, sinks, and storage. All of these things come with significant pros and cons. Adding a refrigerator can let you store condiments and various other items directly in your outside kitchen which can reduce the amount of trips you?ll have to take to your primary kitchen. The con to adding one is the added electric cost and often times these outdoor rated appliances can get pricey. Another feature many add is outdoor storage for plates, pots and cutlery. This can also cut down on your trips in and out of the house.

When you make the decision to add an outdoor bar-b-que to your home it?s important to consider all of the pros and cons associated with your decisions. Making the right grill choice is almost always the most important followed by any additional appliances and extras you add to your kitchen. Whatever choices you make you?ll truly enjoy and be thrilled with your addition to your home.