Buyers Often Look For A Neat & Well Maintained Landscape When Looking For A New Home

Private garden, Georgetown
Creative Commons License photo credit: citta-vita

One of the most important aspects of a home that potential buyers examine is landscaping and curb appeal. A neat and well-manicured appearance can gather extra looks and showings, just from the quality of the landscaping. Prospective buyers will generally perform a ?drive by? before deciding to make a formal appointment the view the house. This fact only underscores the importance that the yard and landscape look great from all sides of the house. Plus, a great and well-kept yard can actually add some value to the property as well. Therefore it makes perfect sense to examine the property from the street or curb to inspect and scrutinize the view.

While homeowners can grow accustomed to imperfections over the years of ownership, buyers generally want everything pristine. Mold and mildew should be removed from sidewalks and retaining walls, flowerbeds should be neatly planted, trees should be cut back, and shrubs should be well trimmed. Any overgrowth of vegetation should be taken care, that means grass should be kept at a respectable level. The back of the house and sides of the house need to be as well kept as the front. While they likely do not need to be visually astounding, buyers like a neat and orderly appearance free of eyesores and potential hard work. While some owners go the extra step and hire a consultant to answer any landscaping related questions, many homeowners are well equipped to handle the task on their own.

A quality landscape compliments the house. The gentle curves and slopes of the planting beds often enhance the visual lines that are present in the house. One area that has recently crept into popularity among buyers is nighttime curb appeal. The arrival of affordable low voltage lighting and solar powered lighting has allowed landscapes to come alive with light during darkness. While some properties handle dramatic lighting effects better than others, a well lighted sidewalk and a few lights around the property are usually enough to create some terrific visual effects. The landscape is the first thing potential buyers see when arriving at the property, and it really does set the tone for rest of the visit.