Engineered Stone Countertops Pros And Cons

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Allen Chu

Homeowners are choosing to update their kitchens with Engineered Stone countertops. Composed of 93% quartz particles and scratch resistant these kitchen countertops come in a wide range of colors. While this may be the perfect solution for some homeowners, it is always best to weigh out the pros and cons before making a final decision on which countertop will meet your needs.


The most desirable feature of the Engineered Stone countertop is the durability and soundness the countertop maintains. During the manufacturing process additional resins are added to the stone, making the countertops stronger then regular stone countertops. This type of countertop is resistant to heat, scratches, chemical, staining, chipping and fungal growth.

Many homeowners like to add Engineered Stone countertops to their home because it is easy to maintain. With the stone being non-porous the countertops require very little care. A sponge, warm water and soap make the countertops shine and look like they just came off the show room floor. With other types of stone countertops, there are many that require certain cleaners or chemicals that is used when cleaning.

Unlike other stone countertops Engineered Stone will not chip or crack and will retain its sheen and luster. With the stone countertop being so low maintenance most homeowners are satisfied when placing the countertop into their home.


Created and installed in solid slabs, the seams are visible along the front and top of the countertop. Water, food and other contaminates can collect in the seams if the homeowner is not cautious. The continual collection of these deposits will eventually create a smell which will require professional cleaning.

Engineered Stone is expensive. Constructing and manufacturing the product is labor intensive and require many hours to design. Although much more expensive then regular stone countertops, the high price tag is enough to discourage many homeowners.

There are more pros then cons when it comes to having stone countertops in your home. Shop around and compare different types of stone countertops, think about the purchase before making the final decision.