A look at the Housing market in Stockton California

Stockton, California
Creative Commons License photo credit: inman news

When you think of California, major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco come to mind. Many are not familiar with the city of Stockton, CA. Stockton is a California city that is burgeoning and has so much to offer in the way of residences or homes for new buyers. There are centers of higher education in the area as well. There are also many water front properties or properties along the waterways of the city. You’ll also find great family fun and activities in the area, such as parks, skating rinks and a baseball stadium. The downtown area is being re-vamped and many residents are happy to see the sporting and recreation centers in the heart of Stockton. There is also the every popular opera company in Stockton. The National Civic League even named Stockton, CA as an All-American City in 2004! The buzz around the regeneration of Stockton, California, is bringing in new residents.

You may wonder how much it would cost to purchase a home in this area and how the housing market in Stockton is doing on the whole. Well in 2007 Stockton actually led the nation in foreclosures. Currently, the city is rebounding and growing fast. The median home price in Stockton is around $270k. This is very good for any city in California, but especially a city that seems to offer so much. There are still too many homes on the market for the tide to turn towards sellers. However contracts are being closed on homes on the markets and now it looks like a middle ground between a buyers and a sellers housing market in Stockton. This means that overall the housing market in Stockton is pretty stable for now. Even though Stockton is a smaller city than say Los Angeles, there are still variances in the areas and neighborhoods in the city. A family versus a single person looking to buy in Stockton, may want to search in particular areas. Make sure that before you make your home purchase in Stockton that you consult with a knowledgeable realtor, who can help you navigate the area.