Is Augusta, Georgia a Good Location for Investment Properties?

Roland Park House
Creative Commons License photo credit: ktylerconk

With the economy on a downhill slide, and foreclosures among the top headline topics on local news, many people are taking the opportunity to invest in property as a means to ensure safe investments for their future. With this in mind, Augusta, Georgia is a town of approximately 200,000 residents, and 500,000 including the metropolitan areas. The Savannah River runs right through town offering both entertainment, and esthetics. And Augusta is only 150 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, which makes for a really nice get-a-way. Augusta sits almost to the border of South Carolina and Georgia.

Augusta, Georgia is a great location for investment properties because it is a town in progress. It is located in the heartland of the south, it is a multi-cultural town, and is family oriented. For an example, of how they are progressing forward, there is a multi-million dollar road construction that is going on, providing jobs for many people in the area.

On the community side, boat parades down the Savannah River and ethnic food and fun festivals take place throughout the year. The community spirit to shines through the population of 500,000, and makes it large enough in number to bring in all types of commerce, both retail and wholesale, it is also small enough to enjoy the small town atmosphere that makes a city, your home. And the average temperatures are typically between 30* – 90*.

Since Augusta, named after Princess Augusta Saxe Gotha, and established in 1736, is built on the rich history of our country, you will feel the traditional, mixed with new, the 21st century, everywhere you go. Springfield Historical District holds much of the history from the early 1800?s when cotton ginning was the primary trade here.

There are many attractions to visit the Metropolitan Convention Center, Herbert Institute of Art, the Augusta Museum of History, Fort Discovery, The Morris Museum of Art, but Augusta is best known as the host for the Masters Golf Tournament in April, which draws thousands of golfers to play, but mostly to watch the top golfers from around the country.