6 Worst Things to Ever Happen to Homeowners

Most people want to own a house. After all, that’s part of the American Dream. While most homeowners are ecstatic when they finally have a home to call their own, other homeowners aren’t so lucky. Here are the six worst things to ever happen to homeowners.

A Skeleton in the Closet

Photo source: snookerbacker.com

When you buy a new house, especially as foreclosure, you may find a few things the previous owner left behind like old furniture, paint cans, etc. But you certainly don’t expect to actually find the previous owner, dead and rotting away in your garage.
Yet that’s exactly what happened to a Florida man while inspecting his newly purchased home. According to ABC Action News, authorities believed it to be the dead body of the previous owner who had been missing since foreclosing on her home earlier that year.

Home Invasion

Photo source: nbc17.com

Everyone should feel safe in their own home. Unfortunately, this sense of safety can be gone in an instant as a man in Durham, N.C. experienced first-hand when he woke up to noises in his home last December.
Unable to reach his phone, he grabbed his firearm and set out to defend his property, as he later told NBC17.com. The ensuing standoff with the three intruders resulted in an exchange of fire that landed the criminals in the hospital and behind bars, while the brave homeowner lived on to defend his home another day.

Next-door Meth Lab

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Most people buy a house in what they consider to be a safe neighborhood. But what happens when your apparently perfect neighbor turns out to be running a meth lab?

A quiet neighborhood in South Providence, Rhode Island became the epicenter of a drug investigation when a former Brown University student started to run a meth lab in his house. His neighbors noticed a foul stench and notified the authorities, who then shut down the illegal operation, according to WPRI.com.

While the investigation is ongoing, any potential home buyers will certainly stay clear of this area now, as it poses a serious health and safety risk.

Unwanted Baby Delivery

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The postman may always ring twice, but the unwanted baby delivery service won?t even knock on your door once, as homeowner Juan Renevato in Dickinson, Texas found out last December, according to ABC13 News.

He found a shivering newborn on his doorstep at an outside temperature of below 40 and immediately called 911. Fortunately, the baby survived and is currently up for adoption. But the experience was traumatic for everyone involved.

Fecal Matters

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While no one would take a dump in his own living room, it seems impossible to prevent the city from dumping all kinds of waste anywhere in your house, as evident in the recent sewage backup incidents reported in New Jersey.

One homeowner in Roselle Park, New Jersey had two feet of raw sewage spill into his basement, resulting in over $30,000 in damages and cleanup costs. The city of Roselle Park however, denied the insurance claim the man filed, citing the incident as an “Act of God.”

House of Snakes

Photo source: howstuffworks.com

While the most infamous story about snake infestation in a home has since been retracted by The Consumerist, snake infestations can and do happen in certain parts of the country. Nevertheless, stories about thousands of snakes invading a house at a time tend to be mere urban legends.


While bad stuff can happen to people anywhere, owning a home does not necessarily pose an inherent risk. Practicing due diligence is always the best way to avoid any worst-case scenarios.