Capitalizing On A Buyers Market

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Capitalizing on a slow housing market is how many investors made their millions. There are pros and cons to investing in this current market, some being that property is sold for a rock bottom price, but the return could be a decade away. The idea with investing today is to use the low prices to gobble as much property up while the going to still good. Here is the catch; the going is predicted to remain good for another 18 to 24 months. This is due to the current rise in foreclosure rates, long term property listing on the MLA, and the lack of lending from banks.

During the 1930s, investors realized that the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl were not going to be the final chapter in American progress. There were those that began to reinvest in the stock market, in land, and with industry. Those are the select few that were able to come out of the poorest era of American history with millions in their pockets. Today, times are tough, and property values are at their lowest they have been in nearly 40 years. Homes are listed on auction websites for hundreds of dollars. An entire block in some states can be purchased for the price of a large home, and occupancy rates on rental are near capacity.

While the options to resell a home right away, or flip a property may not be an option, consider taking on a property for the idea of long term, slow growth return. It is only a matter of time before the market rebounds, and prices are no longer at a level where buying multiple properties is an option. Homes have been listed in Georgia for $4,500.00. It is those types of opportunities that make this a buyer?s market, that create investors, and bring the real estate market back to life.

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