Recycling law passes in California

California state lawmakers have passed a new law that will require rental housing communities to have access to on-site recycling.

Those who fail to comply with the law’s requirements may be subject to liens and fines, in amounts to be determined locally, according to UNITS magazine. This will impact investors, residents and rental managers. One legislator indicated that, while 70 percent of the state’s homeowners have access to recycling services, the number may drop lower than 40 percent for renters.

Similar laws are scheduled for implementation in some metro areas in other states, such as Austin and Nashville, while Boston, Miami and others already have recycling rules and regulations. States including Oregon and Delaware may also have laws on the subject, though the specifics vary.

Owners and managers may wish to review their state and local laws to ensure they are in compliance with all relevant provisions and avoid potential costs associated with failure to provide services. In Delaware and possibly other areas, laws require professionals to offer their services to rental residents but do not mandate participation.