Inspect. Click. Done. using Tap Inspect

Property inspections are a rigorous process. Once a lengthy inspection is completed, a property inspector begins their next site visit and eventually arrives back at the office to complete the remaining report details.


Tap Inspect develops a five step solution to make inspection reports easy. Tap Inspect allows you to use both your iPhone and iPad to develop property inspection reports. Create customized inspection reports with just a few clicks. Additional features include the ability to upload pictures, view your PDF, and send files to customers all with a few clicks. You can also browse previous reports and see when customers receive their reports. APM spoke with Michael Wirth, co-founder of Tap Inspect, to get more information.

APM: What is the background story of your product?

MW: We built Tap Inspect because we are sick and tired of having to go back after doing an inspection to fill out the report. We built an app and a backend system that allows someone to build the report while doing an inspection. We wanted to make it easy to get your template set up, to collect the information that you care about and add photos. Once complete, you can tap a button and generate a PDF and ship it out.

APM: What makes Tap Inspect stand out?

MW: I think the biggest reason our product stands out is because we concentrate on making the device do all the work. There is no need to go back to the office and no need to go to a web browser. We concentrate on creating an all- in- one device. I think a lot of apps and systems allow you to collect information, but you still need to go back to a computer to finish the job. We focus on letting the customer do everything from one device. You do it, you ship it and you are done.

APM: How would your customers describe your product?

MW: I think they would describe it as very simple to use and easy to learn. They cannot imagine doing their business without it anymore. I think it is pretty amazing. Once you get something that works so seamlessly and then take it away, you can’t believe that you ever existed without it. We’ve been lucky. We have amazingly loyal users. It is so amazing that we built something that is a big part of people’s lives. The most amazing thing we heard a user say is that they got their evenings back. We are all limited by time. You try to get as many site visits as possible, but then you need to go back to the office and continue working all evening. As soon as our users started using Tap Inspect, they got their evenings back.

APM: Is there a specific feature you think stands out more than anything, for example a favorite feature?

MW: Probably being able to preview the actual PDF on the device. The can see exactly what the finished product is, make changes, and take more photos if necessary while still on the job.

APM: Is there anything you want your customers to know about the product?

MW: We developed our pricing to make it fit for any size business because we realized not a lot people work in large companies. We have a “Pay As You Go Option”, so you don’t get charged for something that you do not use every day. You only get charged when you use it. We like working with small businesses because Tap Inspect is a small business. Support has probably been our biggest priority. If someone has a question, we want someone to answer. We are committed to providing support for users. I think our commitment to customer support is appreciated by our users.

To sum it up, Tap Inspect allows you to create the inspection report, ship it off and get your evenings back. Tap Inspect allows you to use either your iPhone or iPad to create fully customized inspection reports. Reports can be created during a site visit, and property inspectors can take pictures, edit their comments, create a PDF and immediately send their reports out for review. Property inspectors will be able to increase the number of their site visits and end their day once their last site visit is complete.

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