Now You Can Keep Your Head In The Clouds

Property managers who wish they could work while enjoying the view form their own balcony might want to try Property Management Cloud. Information is accessible from anywhere using this cloud based property management program. Property managers can choose between five versions, but each comes with at least twenty features. Features include a tenant portal, online rent collection, accounting, business support and detailed property information. We spoke to Stewart Phillips, from Property Management Cloud, to discuss this property management resource.


APM: Describe Property Management Cloud and its features.

SP: Property Management Cloud is online software that a property manager or investor owner can manage their property and keep track of all their leases, tenants, and maintenance. You do not need to install it on a computer; you can access it from anywhere. Staff can work from different locations and can also work together concurrently.

APM: What makes your product stand out from other property management resources?

SP: I cannot speak for other software but I do believe ours is simple to use. We try to make our program simple and easy to learn. Property managers do not need to spend a lot of time learning how to use Property Management Cloud. We also commit to making our product affordable. I think the ease in use and affordability makes us stand out when you compare us to other property management software.

APM: Is there a specific feature of the product that stands out to you, something you think is different from other property management software?

SP: I think it is the ease in use. Property managers receive a few simple instructions from us. We also have online rent collection free of charge to the user.

APM: If we talk to your top three customers, how do you think they would describe Property Management Cloud?

SP: Our users praise our quality customer support. We are a smaller company, but I think our users appreciate our accessible our staff is and how fast issues are resolved.

APM: Is there anything else you would like property managers to know?

SP: We are offering a 4 month completely risk free trial at the link below. This special price is not available through our website so please take advantage.

To Sum it up

Between emergencies and unexpected maintenance issues, property managers are always on call. Property Management Cloud allows property managers to take their office anywhere, and solve issues without being in the office. Property Management Cloud provides at least 20 features, but property managers can choose between five versions and find the best fit for them.

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