No More Roommate Drama: RentPost’s platform connects tenants, property managers and vendors

Property managers often deal with the hassle of calling tenants for rent collection, and witness roommate tension when one roommate is behind on their rent. This issue is solved with RentPost. RentPost is property management software that allows tenants to pay their rent online, offers an automated rental payment service, and lets roommates see who submitted their rent. All Property Management spoke with Jacob Thomason, from RentPost, to learn more about their product.

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APM: How would you describe RentPost?

JT: It is an online property management software. We connect tenants with their property managers. We also connect managers with the owners and vendors. This enables everyone to collaborate in real time through one simple service. Work orders are submitted by tenants, and the work orders go directly into the workflow for property managers. Property managers assign these tasks to vendors and follow up on the work order status. They can update the status, mark it as complete, and attach photos and documents. It becomes a collaborative experience. Tenants can also make online rental payments through the system. They can pay their rent automatically. RentPost records all of the requisite journal entries, and there is private messaging between everyone in the system. Owners can access their financials, units under management, and work orders currently in progress. We provide tools for everyone, and connect everyone together in what can be described as a social platform.

APM: Can you tell us more about the social platform?

JT: It begins with the private messaging. You submit your work order online. The work order is combined with previous work orders to create a common thread enabling a communication space. Property managers view the work order and assign vendors to fix the problem. We do not have a standard log-in for everyone. Each tenant receives their own log-in to the system. You have roommates within the system as well. Roommates can communicate with each other, and also see if one another paid their rent on time. These system ties everyone together.

APM: That does seem like a great way to ease the tension between roommates and opens the lines of communication. When you talk to customers, is that some of the feedback they provide you? What are the things that they usually say that makes your product stand out?

JT: Users say they are impressed with how easy it is to use the software. This is the biggest thing that we hear from our customers. Then of course there are several little features, but everyone has their own thing. There is no one specific feature that everyone loves. We also hear a lot about the ease of the software.

APM: Great, is there anything else you want customers to know about this property management resource?

JT: We offer a 30 day free trial on all our plans. There is actually no credit card required to get started. We certainly welcome everyone to go ahead and set- up a trial account, put in their units, and start playing around with the program.

There is also a simple Excel Spreadsheet that imports the unit and tenant data. As soon as a property manager creates an account, their account is fully populated with their units, tenants, and lease terms. At that point they can dive in and start using the system.

To sum it up

RentPost provides a great platform that allows tenants, property managers, and vendors to communicate with one another. Tenants specifically can receive their own log in, pay rent, and submit work orders. Collecting rent is no longer a hassle with Rent Post and property managers can connect with their tenants online at any time, and access their property management information.

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