Goji KeyYou probably heard about the multiple health benefits of the new “it” health food, Goji berries. Goji berries are known as the super-fruit with powerful antioxidants, protein, iron and many more benefits. Like the berry, Goji Smart Lock is the new and improved way to keep your home safe and secure. Not only do homeowners benefit, but property managers can now escape the hassle of replacing door locks, track maintenance and elevate property status with these new intelligent locks. We spoke with Gabriel Bestard-Ribas, from Goji, to learn more about the product.

APM: I was going over your website and I’m really fascinated by this. If you wouldn’t mind telling me more about “Goji”. Am I pronouncing that correctly? Is it “Goji”?

Gabriel: Yeah it is. Are you familiar with Goji berries?

APM: I am, yes.

Gabriel: In the same way a goji berry keeps you healthy and strong, our lock keeps your home secure and protected. It is the same concept.

APM: Great, I love that.

Gabriel: Thank you. We actually started building Goji a little over two years ago. Our aim is to bring a new level of confidence and control over home access. Some of the issues we see are people give keys to someone but do not recall what happened to the key, they are unaware of where they placed duplicate keys or they did not know if someone was in their home while they were away. There was absolutely no control over all of that. We built a product that allows you to be secure and have control over your home access.

We do this through information, and nothing is more powerful than the image of who is coming to your home and when they are coming. It is really about having the ability to manage who you give access to and when you give them access. You also can confirm when someone is walking into your home and when they leave.

APM: Are there products like these already? I haven’t really heard of technology like this.

Gabriel: We are the first smart lock to come to the market that actually takes pictures of every one that comes to your door. The concept of smart locks started because people did not want to worry about their keys. Keyless entries with keypads are the first step. There are other mechanisms too, but it is really about bringing the keys to the phone.

Everyone is focused on the access without a key. However, people also want a new level of control over their home access. Giving out the keys and accessing the property with the phone is a nice step, but there is still a sense of uncertainty about only receiving a text that tells you a certain mobile phone entered the door. This information still does not provide a sense of security.

That’s why we added a camera and other features on our smart lock. For instance, if anyone knocks on your door, the lock will send you a picture of who is at the door. This allows you to open your door anytime remotely from anywhere in the world. Or if you want to play opossum and pretend you are not home, you can do that too.

But the point is, you do it knowingly. Another thing we realized is that when developing smart products for the home, we tend to think that there is only one single type of user. However, homes comprise of several different dynamics. For example, not only will parents be using the lock but this technology affects children too.

We devised a lock that you can manage with your mobile phone but also with a mechanical key bypass. We also offer a key fob. What separates the key fob from others is that it is blank.

You program the key fob with as many keys as you want using your mobile phone. This gives a great level of freedom. You no longer need to worry about anyone burning a new set of keys

APM: We actually work with thousands of property managers nationwide. I think new technology is something that a lot of people are always interested in, but they don’t necessarily have the time to go out and do the research on their own. I am wondering, do you feel like this would also be something that would be really benefit property owners who are looking to lease out their homes?

Gabriel: Oh, that’s actually a great market for us. We get a lot of attention already from property managers because the main issue is managing keys, changing the locks and how you get the keys to the people trying to see or move into the homes.

With this system, you have flexibility to be able to manage all these cumbersome and expensive aspects. For example, if someone forgets the key inside, since the lock is WiFi connected, he or she can knock and the property manager can remotely open the door from anywhere in the world.

This is a level of knowing what’s going in your house that did not exist. Cleaners, for example, need to coordinate when they arrive and leave. Now you can create keys for the times and dates that they are coming and going and check to make sure the cleaners arrive during those times. You can also make sure the right person has access and you can note the length of time they spend in the unit. We are also talking to property managers for large apartment complexes. These property managers see the benefit on two levels. One, our product design is unique and can be considered a lifestyle product and adds value to the apartment complexes. It also creates a new level of convenience for property managers given all the features it provides.

APM: I can see how this benefits property managers. I think just the whole aspect of not having to replace the keys and locks all the time, or like you mentioned, knowing when people coming in and out of the building for maintenance issues is a really big advantage. This feature doesn’t come out until June 2014, is that correct?

Gabriel: Yes.

APM: If people are interested in the product they can just do an advance order?

Gabriel: Exactly, and we currently offer discount pricing.

APM: Great, is there anything else you would like potential customers to know about the product?

Gabriel: Just a few logistics, Goji is a dead bolt lock that fits in the same whole settings as your current dead bolt, there is no need for any other manipulation of the door. It is a very simple to install and takes 10 to 15 minutes to pair and get started.

It’s one lock that you can pair as many locks through your own mobile application and manage multiple locks all through your phone.

To Sum It Up!

Goji Smart Lock, like the berry, is a powerful tool. This keyless technology helps keep your home safe and secure. Property managers can give keyless access to their properties, monitor who is coming or going to the property and use the visual aid to track all potential tenants or vendors. This smart lock is officially available this summer and new features are currently being added.

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