Measure Twice or Take One Picture – Find Furniture That Fits

Screenshot Photo Measures Logo (2)We have all been there spending weeks or months trying to find the perfect home. Then, we finally get the keys and when move in day happens, we could not be more excited. You buy new furniture, look for great deals online and start dreaming of what your home will look like. Then the furniture arrives, and you try to move it and realize nothing fits. What if there was an app that allows you to take pictures of your place and see the dimensions? With Big Blue Pixel, you can see the dimensions inside your home and make sure everything fits perfectly. Big Blue Pixel is an app that lets you take pictures with your phone and then see and share the dimensions. We spoke with Zsanett Balla, from Big Blue Pixel, to learn more.

APM: This seems like a great app for tenants looking to move in but you also mentioned how this can benefit property managers. Would you mind going into more detail?

Zsanett: No problem. A hands‑on property manager, who goes and checks when a tenant complains about something, can go to the apartment, take a photo, get the measurements of say a window that is cracked. Property managers can automatically send this to their contractor. It’s always on the spot and it looks great for professionals.

APM: Can you go into more detail about the photo versions process?

Zsanett: You take a photo, you get the measurements, and then you can share via email or you can sync it to Dropbox with another device. You can send it via PDF or JPEG, so you have those different options. A lot of our customers say that they love it. Contractors for example, can go to an estimate and send photos back to the office. The office can then work on the estimate or start working on the project immediately.

APM: I haven’t seen a lot of products like this. What do you think makes your product stand out? Do you know if there are a lot of products available that do the same thing?

Zsanett: What we focus on, besides the user interface being friendly and easy- to- use, is reliability. I know that some of our competitors receive cases where people lost their measurements, files, or their folders. That doesn’t happen with us. When we release a new version, we’re very structured and we make sure that we don’t lose anything. We do a lot of tests and our customers are very happy with that. They know that if they took a picture or took a measurement two years ago, and they want to access it today, it’s there ‑‑ they don’t have to worry about it. The app doesn’t crash, and it’s really easy to use.

APM: If we were to talk to your top three customers, how do you think they would describe the product?

Zsanett: The most common thing we hear is how easy it is to use and how practical it is. It’s always there with you ‑‑ you always have your phone on you. Whenever someone asks a question or you’re wondering about something, you have the measurements, you have that note you took. Say you take a picture of a wall and you remembered to write down that it was XYZ color, or Benjamin Moore OC10, but then you don’t remember whether it was glossy or not, the app remembers this information for you. It’s these little details in combination with the picture, notes, and measurements that makes this app insanely practical.

APM: Do you have a memorable moment with a customer when you spoke with one of them regarding the product?

Zsanett: Oh yeah, one of the first guys who contacted us was for signage. You know when you have those cars that you put stencils on them? A lot of our users make signage. It’s a very good app for that purpose, and we didn’t even know. When we started the app, we were really focusing on properties and real estate agents, architects, and signers. This guy contacted us and he went on and on about how great the product is. He came up with amazing ideas that we haven’t thought about. We really like feedback. For instance, he was saying how the PDF was very important for him. A month later we released a PDF version as a result of our conversations with him. You feel satisfied that your product is making someone’s life easier.

APM: Right. Is there anything else you want your customers to know?

Zsanett: Yes, that we’re here for them and if they have any improvement ideas, please feel free

Screenshot photo measures (metric)to contact us. That’s how we make the app better, so contact us, and enjoy the app.

To Sum It Up!

Big Blue Pixel is an app that takes pictures of a room and provides the measurements for the room. Property managers can quickly assess what fixtures need to be changed. For example, if a window is broken, property managers can take a picture and send the measurements directly to contractors. Big Blue Pixel will keep the information on file or allow you to upload to Dropbox, accessing measurements has never been easier.

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