Fastest Growing Cities in the US

Whether you?re looking at big, established cities or smaller towns, the places in the United States that are growing most rapidly are likely technology hubs close to universities, according to ?Forbes? magazine. The country?s fastest growing metro areas are also likely to be warm weather places in the west or the south.

How to Choose A Moving Company

credit: TheMuuj The last thing you need if you’re pulling up stakes is for your mover to hijack your belongings. But it happens. A lot. Each year, thousands of of people are bilked by movers or have their belongings lost or destroyed due to incompetence. Don’t become one of them.

Real Estate Tax Tips

credit: Jeff Belmonte Taxes are tricky. Are you taking advantage of all the breaks you’re entitled to as a real estate owner? Everyone knows you can deduct your mortgage interest from your federal taxes, but property owners can also take advantage of a number of other breaks. Points: The IRS consider those hefty fees paid […]