No Glass Ceiling for Women in Real Estate

Real estate has traditionally been a good opportunity for women. More than 65 percent of real estate agents are women. The flexibility and higher than average income was a draw to career-minded mothers long before flex-time and family benefits were even considered in other industries. Yet, historically, the top management spots were held by men. […]

British Guidelines for “Age-Friendly” Neighborhoods

The British government unveiled a new housing strategy this week, designed to help their aging population stay in their own homes longer. UK Housing Minister, Caroline Flint said the new policies are “about giving all older people a better choice.” Highlights of the new program includes: Requiring new homes to meet age-friendly design guidelines, including […]

Condos at Sea

photo via Imagine spending the winter in the Caribbean, the summer in the Med, and the fall amid the fall foliage of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Residential cruise ships make all of this possible, with owning just one home. A growing concept, residential cruise ships are luxury vessels that offer buyers a floating home […]

Florida Realtors Sued for Commissions

Another situation stemming from the deteriorating housing market in the once-hot housing market in South Florida is a case against a group of real estate practitioners for the three percent commission paid them on 24 condos prior to the sale. (Prior to the sale? That certainly wasn’t happening here in Ohio.) The sales failed to […]