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How to Make Sure Your HVAC System Is Running Efficiently This Spring

Spring has officially sprung in most of the country, so it’s time to switch the HVAC system back to air conditioning from its central heat setting. It’s also a great time to start spring maintenance, which includes inspecting your HVAC system to ensure that it’s running as efficiently as possible. Here’s how to make sure […]

How Will Virtual and Augmented Reality Impact the Real Estate Industry in 2018 and Beyond?

Real estate technology is evolving at a rapid speed. Various hardware and software applications have drastically improved how landlords, property managers, and homeowners associations manage their operations. Artificial intelligence is smack-dab in the middle of all of the real estate tech excitement–but what does AI really mean? Artificial intelligence refers to computer systems that are […]

Renovating Your Rental Property? 7 Design Trends to Avoid

Renovating your rental property can be an overwhelming and expensive process. It’s understandable that most landlords push this kind of project to the back burner. However, periodically renovating your rental property has a ton of benefits, such as making your unit more attractive to potential renters; keeping it aligned with market value; and potentially preventing […]

Here’s What Seniors Want in an Apartment–and How to Win Their Business

We posted an article last week that looked at how and why rental demand is increasing among Americans ages 55 and above. This is a trend that is expected to continue as Baby Boomers age. So, the question becomes: How will you capture a share of the 55+ renter market? It’s important for landlords, property […]

Rental Demand on the Rise Among Americans Over Age 55

Most people tend to think of renters as young professionals who are just getting started. For many years, that may have been the case–but the demographic of renters has drastically changed since the Great Recession. Today, demand for rental housing is on the rise among people of all ages, incomes, and demographics. There’s one group […]