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A lengthy to do list can overshadow the feeling of joy you experience when the clock says 4:58 on Friday afternoon. Property inspectors, for example, can spend hours distinguishing between contractor quotes. Happy Inspector, a property inspection app, alleviates this issue by streamlining all contractor quotes in one place for your review. Happy Inspector allows property inspectors to finish their work in a timely manner and brings back Friday 5:00 p.m. joy. We spoke to Rand Owens, from Happy Inspector, to learn more about the app.

APM: For property managers who do not have a lot of time to differentiate between products, why does your product stand out from the competition?

While most inspection software have similar basic features that digitize the inspection process itself, Happy Inspector has additional features that significantly boosts a property manager's customization and automation capabilities, which translates to more professional reports and faster turnaround for maintenance requests.

For instance, specific industries can customize their inspection tablet, not only can a user customize the property areas and specific amenities to inspect, but they can also modify the rating system by changing the rating icon, name, and number of rating items.

To help the inspectors streamline the repair process, the app can aggregate quotes from local contractors and allow the inspector to send out maintenance requests directly from the app, either to the contractor or simply to the owner.

Aside from these additional features, Happy Inspector has the most intuitive and user-friendly interface among its competitors. Our app is so simple to use that many of our users who never used a mobile device before are fluent with it within a few minutes. As we start to on-board larger clients, the ease of adoption is incredibly important to us because an easy app to use means a fraction of the time and energy spent On-boarding employees within the company.

When it comes to pricing, Happy Inspector also has the most affordable and flexible plans. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge additional fees to add additional users within a company or to have a high number of doors inspected.

APM: Describe a memorable moment with a customer and what they said about your product?

Chris Brown from Beeline Property Management called us to say how happy he is with our product. His words were, "This is everything I've been looking for in an inspection program!" Chris previously used the app of our largest competitor, so his compliments were especially meaningful. We are glad our time spent listening to our customers helped us build the best product on the market, and since then Chris and many other happy customers like him have helped us continue to improve and grow our business.

APM: Pick a specific feature of the product and tell me in detail why this feature stands out to you and your own experience with it.

The customizable inspection template is my favorite feature. Customers are happy to learn about Happy Inspector's ability to customize specific templates for a specific unit, door, and even the items in the room. A few of our competitors are doing the same thing, but property managers have found it easier to customize templates in our app than in those of our competitors, not to mention the level of specificity is much higher.

APM: If we talked to your top three customers, how would they describe your product?

They would describe Happy Inspector as:

"An efficiency booster"

Happy Inspector cuts inspection time by 75% for property managers. That means saving thousands of dollars each year normally spent on inspections and reporting, and having more time to go out and get new businesses.

"One of our key value propositions"

Our customers have described our app as trans-formative for their businesses, the level of professionalism, organization, and ease in communication our technology provides helps them stay ahead of their competitors. The professionally branded reports and capability to attach photos, comments, and signature makes their businesses very attractive to their potential clients.

"An intuitive and easy tool"

We've been told what really differentiate us from our competitors is how intuitive our app is. The entire process resembles the traditional pen-and-paper inspection process... only it is faster, neater, and easier to organize. When you have a team of multiple inspectors, the ease of adoption makes a huge difference.

APM: Is there anything else you would like your customers to know?

A big misconception about Happy Inspector is that it's meant only for residential property managers, when in reality we service hundreds of companies in industries like multifamily, REIT, student housing, vacation rental, commercial properties, and more. Our highly customizable template makes it easily adaptable to nearly all inspection models? our software specialists can even create custom templates upon set-up for our more particular customers.

To Sum It Up!

Happy Inspector is a property inspection application that allows you to streamline all your work into one location. Property managers can customize their own reports, import information from previous management software, and access vital information immediately. Property managers can finish their work in a timely manner and re-experience 5:00 p.m. joy.

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