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Property managers often inspect the same property year after year. It can be difficult to track which holes in the wall or floor scratches existed before and what is new to the property. Turnover Manager is a property inspection tool that gives property managers the ability to track what changes were done to the property over several years. For example, if the roof needs to be replaced, a property manager can note it. Once the roof is replaced, whether it was that year or a few years down the road, the property manager can update this using Turnover Manager. Turnover Manager is both software and a mobile phone application. We spoke with Jon Kann from Turnover Manager to learn more about the product.

APM: Hi Jon, thanks for taking time to talk to us today. Can you please describe Turnover Manager in more detail?


: Turnover Manager was developed to speed up and organize the property turn process. We developed a cloud‑based app, and our customers download their properties in the back‑end.

We are set up so the download works with most property management software and is easy to accomplish. They download into the back‑end, which allows them to schedule inspections and enter different types of inspections.

The tablet itself is used when the inspector is out on- site to perform the inspection, which is customized to the property. Once the property manager downloads the property, if the floor plan information is on there, it will upload into Turnover Manager.

For example, say a property manager has a three-bedroom property with a kitchen but no dinning room; all this information can be captured. If this information is not already part of the property management software, the information can be put in either the back‑end or through the app itself. Each property is set up accurately to reflect what's in there.

Each room guides the inspector through lists of features and conditions, which are also customizable to suit the property.Property inspections can be thorough or done as quickly as desired by the property inspector. Inspections can be designed as a feature checklist or the inspector can check off the room of their choice and note any issues.

This allows for flexibility in how the property inspection is done. You can also talk into the tablet, and avoid typing notes. You can take pictures, which are integrated right into the report. When the report is completed, the inspector uploads it back to the back- end. The report is available immediately from anywhere.

There is no additional work of inputting details, creating a report or attaching pictures. You're basically ready to go with a professional report that represents your property management brand.It is not a PDF being uploaded; the data on the back‑end can be manipulated. This comes in handy when you have comments from a previous inspector that you do not want going out to the owner or tenant, you can basically modify the document.

Any time you modify a report, you leave a transparent trail. You have both the original report and the current report visible. Another nice thing for the live data back‑end is that you can leave a status of a property the same until you choose to change it. For example, if there's a burn mark on a counter, you can note it even if you are not going to fix it. Once you put it in the system, that burn mark will exist in future inspections until the time you change the counter top. Turnover Manager is highly flexible.

There is also the ability to put in filter types, carpet styles and paint codes. You can basically keep a one source running maintenance log of the property. If you want to patch the carpet, you can quickly look at the property. If you have the carpet information in there, you would know what type of carpet to order. Our goal is efficiency and organization in the management of the term process.

APM: That sounds like a very useful tool for property inspectors, especially the part about marking the burn if you're not going to end up replacing the counter. I'm sure that's very helpful.


: We also have the ability to do a digital signature on the pad. You also can easily upload your company's logo, tagline and the company's disclaimer information. You only need to do this once, unless you choose to change it. On the beginning of the report form, you can also place a picture of the address, whether it is an apartment door showing 2B, or the actual picture of the property.

Another really cool feature about the back- end being live, as opposed to a PDF, is that many people do multiple leases on the same property. They may have a three- bedroom apartment, and each bedroom has its own lease. You can break the reports up and just send the information to a specific tenant. Reports can be broke up so that certain information is not shared with everyone. You may not want to show tenant number two that tenant number one ripped up her bedroom or something like this case.

We also do a report summary, which is great for your maintenance department because it breaks out everything that was noted in the report. They don't have to go through the whole report looking for damages; they have access to the specific damages list.

APM: That's great. If we were to talk to your top three customers, how do you think that they would describe your product?


: I think they would describe it as easy to use, customizable and simple. I also think they would say that we give good support.I know one of our top customers said that he gave a new inspector the tablet and said, "Here's your address, go do your inspection." Without any instructions given, the inspector was able to do the report without any problems. Basically, property inspectors can learn the product on‑the‑fly, without any direction at all.

However, we do have a full tutorial built into the app. You can go through the tutorial as many times as needed. The tutorial also offers good tips and tricks.For the back‑end, we have a library of videos to help with commonly asked questions. We also have support staff ready to go for people to give personal support.

APM: Great. Is there anything else you'd like your customers to know?


: I would just say I believe if they try Turnover Manager, that they'll like the product.

Turnover Manager is a property inspection software and mobile application. Turnover Manager provides customizable property inspection reports. Property managers can create reports to reflect the current status of a property. Any changes made down the road can be placed into the report and the change will be reflected in the report making it easy for property managers to track changes.

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