Commercial property listings

Commercial property listings are commercial real estate properties for sale or lease. A commercial property, also known as an ?income property? or ?investment property? can be classified as any real estate unit (building or land) utilized to generate a profit; this might include categories like office and retail spaces, hotels, developable land and even some residential rental properties can be considered commercial properties.

When a commercial property is listed, it is put up for sale or lease and advertised in print and through online portals. Ads in newspapers or magazines and direct mail marketing are common print commercial property listings marketing tools. Three of the most popular online sites are Loopnet.com, Costar.com and CIMLS.com. Online sites are popular with the commercial real estate community as it allows the maximum amount of information to be available to the broadest pool of potential buyers/investors.

Listings generally include some or all of the following information: historical, structural, financial and administrative data about the property or space; former tenants and owners; building photos, maps, floor plans and square footage; and past and current pricing. Online resources like the sites stated above also offer additional tools to help both commercial property buyers and sellers including comparable sales, analytic information, and personalized search pages.

Commercial property listings both online and in print are a driving source of the real estate industry. Often utilized as an alternative investment to the stock market, bonds and mutual funds, commercial properties continue to impact the investment industry and the economy nationwide.

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