Property management rentals

"Property management rentals" are units overseen by property management companies or professionals. In other words, they are rental properties not managed directly by investors or owners. The term "rentals" in this case generally refers to residential units such as single family homes, apartments, townhouses and condominiums.

The full service management of rentals requires handling financial, administrative, and operational duties like collecting rent, updating and maintaining records, and facilitating the maintenance of the property. Property managers in charge of rentals are also responsible for advertising and marketing to ensure maximum occupancy for an owner or investor; for managers of rentals, this involves showing units, negotiating leases and being available to tenants.

Property management rentals sometimes also refer to vacation properties and units. Managers of vacation rental properties have similar duties to that of a residential rental manager, though their marketing and advertising requirements take up much more of their time as vacation rentals are engaged for shorter terms than the average residential lease of six to 12 months.

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