Resort property management

Resort property management can refer to the care of individual vacation rental properties, or entire resorts. This type of property management covers a broad range of tasks that are also found in both the hospitality industry and other types of property management.

Resort managers deal with a wide range of responsibilities in addition to traditional vacation or residential property management services, including timeshare management, homeowner or condominium association management, rental or vacation unit programs, and developer relations. These property management services will all fall to a resort property manager due to the options provided by typical resort properties.

For example, some vacation unit owners may want to rent their property out while they are not using it, or perhaps they own only a timeshare and need help facilitating maintenance and updates with the other owners. Or, many resorts with individually owned units operate under HOAs or community associations that require extensive daily management, short term and long term planning, and maintenance to ensure all common areas and services are running smoothly regardless of how many homeowners are present at any given time. In addition, resort property managers might assist developers with the sales or transition process from development to individual ownership.

Resort property management encompasses a wide range of management responsibilities due to the flexibility of resort real estate. From maximizing revenue from vacation units to assisting with capital plan improvements, resort property managers have a much more varied set of tasks than the typical property management professional.

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