What types of jobs are there in the property management industry?

Property management jobs can be differentiated in a number of different ways. Just as there are niches within every profession, there are ways to specialize in the concentrations within property management.

Property managers can be selective of their job specifics based on the size or type of property on which they wish to focus. Within residential property management, managers can aim small and work with single family homes, duplexes or small apartment buildings; in commercial property management, small properties might include single buildings or small strip centers. Midsize management are generally considered to be condominium, apartment, commercial, and office buildings, and large property management is anything from office and apartment complexes with multiple buildings to shopping centers and entire community associations with hundreds of units or houses. Indeed, offsite and senior property managers often oversee entire portfolios of properties and might have a combination of any of the above.

Managers can work onsite or offsite, part time or full time, depending on the property or properties they work with. Many managers are part of a property management team or company, but over half are self employed.1 In 2006, the median salary for a property, real estate or community association manager was $43,070, with the highest 10% earning more than $95,170 a year.2

The call for property management jobs expands with the development and demand of the nation. With so many different options, it is easy to see why the property, real estate and community association field is projected to grow to over 379,000 professionals nationwide by 2016.3

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