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Rental Applicants with Criminal Histories: Why Blanket Bans Are a Bad Idea

Convicted felons and registered sex offenders have to live somewhere once they’ve been released. However, is renting to rental applicants with criminal histories worth the potential risk to your residents and staff staff? It’s impossible to determine whether or not rental applicants with criminal histories will reoffend. Recidivism rates vary based a tangled web of […]

Childproofing Your Apartment: A Guide for Landlords and Property Managers

Landlords are prohibited by law from discriminating against renters based on the presence of children. That would be a violation of the Fair Housing Act’s provisions against discrimination on the basis of familial status. Even the act of alerting tenants with children to a dangerous stairwell and suggesting a first-floor dwelling for their safety can […]

Are Your Residents’ Checks at Risk? Here’s How to Secure Your Drop Box

Last month in Collier County, Florida, residents of three communities woke up to the news that their rent checks had been stolen. Two men had broken into the deposit boxes where residents could drop off their checks once the community’s office had closed, getting away with tens of thousands of dollars. How does this surprisingly […]