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How to Fill Vacant Units: 5 Steps to Take ASAP (Plus 1 to Avoid!)

Have you been struggling to fill a vacancy for what feels like forever? How can you figure out what’s preventing you from finding the perfect tenant? Here are five “to-dos”–and one major “don’t do.” — How to Fill Vacant Units ASAP: Tip #1 Double-Check Your Rent Check out comparable units in your town to make […]

Human Trafficking: What Landlords & Property Managers MUST Know

In 2000, 62-year-old Lakireddy Balireddy (sometimes written as “Bali Reddy”) was one of the wealthiest landlords in Berkeley, California. Reddy Realty, his company, owned over 1000 rental properties, on top of a thriving restaurant downtown. He was bringing in over $1 million in income each month; and his Berkeley properties alone were worth $60 million. […]

10 Unexpected Words to Avoid in Your Rental Listings

Are your rental listings turning people off? Today’s renters can detect exaggerated or misleading language from a mile away. The smallest details can pique someone’s interest or drive?them away. Here are 10 words that might sound appealing to you, but that could be scaring potential applicants away. — Words to Avoid in Rental Listings: #1 […]